Logistic Services

Careful coordination of the needs and expectations of our customers with the decisions of our company and within the framework of the legislation is the key to our long-term successful cooperation with the leaders of the world market – the customers of our services.

How our services work

Transportation of piece goods from the warehouse of the sender to the consolidation warehouse to complete the party.

Cargo handling at a consolidation warehouse, which may include additional packaging, use of packaging, etc.

Customs clearance and preparation of other documents for transportation.

Sending groupage cargo to the country of destination by road, water, rail or air.

Customs clearance in the country of destination, as well as paperwork necessary for the subsequent sale of goods or use of equipment.

Delivery of piece goods to the specified address.

We express special gratitude to the Clients with whom we have a long and mutually beneficial cooperation. We appreciate working with you and your staff. Our long-term relationships and your recommendations are an invaluable reward for us and an active component of our continuous development.
We sincerely wish success and prosperity to our Clients!

Servise Provide

Logistic Solutions

Logistic Solutions

Combined cargo transportation is carried out by road, rail, sea, air transport.
Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Our employees take on the most difficult tasks – transportation of fragile, their clearance and etc.
Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

We carry out operations of insuring goods, so we get the best conditions and discounts.

Logistic Solutuions

Combined cargo transportation is carried out by road, rail, sea, air transport. Depending on the specific conditions of each transportation of goods, the goods can be sent first to the consolidated warehouse of the transport company and only then, when forming a common lot, loaded into the vehicle. Upon delivery options are also possible. Cargo can be delivered both directly to the recipient and to the warehouse of the transport company in the region. The following logistic chains arise: “Door-door”, “Door-warehouse”, “Warehouse-warehouse”, “Warehouse-door”

Delivery of general cargo includes the following steps:

  1. Delivery of cargo from the sender to the consolidation warehouse of the carrier;
  2. Processing and preparation of cargo for further shipment
    Preparation of a package of necessary documents for general cargo, including customs clearance, certification and additional insurance;
    Delivery of consolidated cargo to the consolidation warehouse of the carrier;
  3. Delivery of a separate part of the cargo to the place specified by the customer.

What We Offer

We also offer a full range of services in the field of export-import activities, ranging from the search for goods (products / raw materials) to delivery to your warehouse:

Search for manufacturers by target markets

Specialists of our company, who are located directly in the countries of Asia and Europe, will help you to find manufacturers of goods you are interested in according to specified characteristics. We will find and offer ten (and more) reliable manufacturers, according to the quality and cost parameters established by you. If necessary, we will provide prompt delivery of samples and product catalogs.

Manufacturer inspection

We will inspect the manufacturing enterprise of your interest. Our report includes: information on product quality, legality and production conditions, equipment used, the presence of administrative offices and distributors, confirming photo and video information, etc.

Control of products shipped (quality and quantity inspection)

Our experts will conduct an inspection of the quality of the goods, both at the production stage and the products already shipped.

Delivery of goods

We are ready to provide you with: a warehouse for the consolidation of goods (if necessary, repacking of goods), the ability to send small quantities of goods, the regular shipment of groupage containers.

Customs Clearance

Our employees take on the most difficult tasks – transportation of fragile, dangerous, perishable goods, their clearance and declaration. We make every effort to ensure that the passage of goods to the border takes the minimum time and cost at a favorable price for the owner. Customs clearance will not be stressful for you, because its organization and conduct involved experienced professionals. We pre-calculate the cost of customs clearance and make the fastest and most convenient route for transporting goods from point A to point B. If necessary, you can use our base of foreign suppliers and conclude a safe and profitable transaction, without leaving your office.

The employees of IPARI ARAMLAS KFT will help you to prepare all the necessary documents for the implementation of export and import procedures that will allow customs clearance of cargo. Having addressed us, you receive the full and qualified information, on the questions interesting you. All you have to do is write or call us. All the rest will be done by specialists of IPARI ARAMLAS KFT.

We offer:

all types of cargo clearance in customs authorities;

accreditation and re-accreditation of goods;

a selection of HS codes and the mode of release of goods to optimize customs clearance;

assistance in resolving issues of tariff / non-tariff regulation;

certification of all types of goods;

registration of all types of permits.

Cargo Insurance

Every day we carry out operations of insuring our own and partner goods for large sums, so we get the best conditions and maximum wholesale discounts. Work is carried out only with large and reliable companies. This is especially important when cargo insurance for international shipments is required.

To find the best insurance scheme, contact our specialists. It is enough to specify the cargo specification, the desired vehicle, mark the point of loading and unloading. They will quickly calculate the cost of transportation, forwarding services, offer the best solutions and tell you how much, in a particular case, there is a policy for cargo insurance. International shipments with us will take place under full protection in a calm atmosphere, supported by effective guarantees.

We offer:

Cargo insurance in the framework of international transport;

Insurance of freight charges;

Comprehensive and individual selection of insurance conditions;

Favorable ratio of the sum insured and the insurance payment;

Choosing the optimal type of insurance: all risks, private accident, all damages except crashes;

Correct registration of the insurance policy for international transportation;

Having a choice between insurance companies;

Calculation and registration of insurance without delay;

Support in case of insurance.

To find out more about the service, you just need to contact our managers and ask for advice.

They will be happy to answer all questions,calculate the cost of delivery and help with other nuances.