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Delivery of consolidated cargo is a profitable service for a company that needs to transport cargo or goods of small volume, size or weight.

This service is very profitable at a cost and is not without all the advantages of a full-fledged delivery. By ordering it, you save money and get almost all the benefits of transporting standard cargo – speed, reliability and insurance. Transportation of groupage cargo is a separate category among all delivery services, as it is actively used by individuals, small and medium businesses and even some large companies. For small and medium businesses, general cargo, in general, almost the only opportunity to save on logistics, but to receive high-quality and timely delivery. They are especially relevant in view of the widespread active purchases of small businesses in China. Mail is either very expensive, or it is very long on the road, and groupage cargo ordered at IPARI ARAMLAS KFT, can’t afford and arrive in a timely manner.

Groupage cargo delivery by IPARI ARAMLAS KFT is carried out both around the world and in major cities of European countries. Groupage cargo delivered by our company will help you to provide your business with regular product updates. A large number of customers provide an opportunity to carry out uninterrupted supply of your goods. Transportation of groupage cargo is faster than postal services. Considering the fact that the IPARI ARAMLAS KFT ships such dispatches on a daily basis, it’s impossible to dream of a better delivery rate at a reasonable price!

The geography of delivery of cargoes by us is quite extensive. The most popular destinations are in Eurasia. These are EU countries, former and current members of the CIS, the Baltic region, China, Vietnam. But we will transport groupage cargoes to anywhere in the world, not limited to any specific directions.

To find out more about the service, you just need to contact our managers and ask for advice.

They will be happy to answer all questions,calculate the cost of delivery and help with other nuances.