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Website Development and SEO

Create an online resource – half the battle. The other 50% of efforts should be directed to the promotion of the site, because even a beginner knows that the more traffic comes, the higher will be the income of the creator of the project on the Internet. If you want to cheaply promote your site to top positions in Google. If you want to receive regular high income from your online project. If you want your website to become more popular, please contact us! We offer low-cost SEO promotion services. Let out of nowhere in the top of search engines begins with us!

Web site promotion is a long and complicated process, and the CEO itself is too multifaceted. This means that in order to promote the project on the Internet, not one specialist is needed, but a whole team of professionals who will work for the sake of a general positive result. Search engine optimization, targeted and contextual advertising, the right content – all this is a comprehensive promotion in Google and other systems. Do you think you can do it yourself? If you have not a thousand hands and not 48 hours a day, it is unlikely. For us, SEO and promotion of sites in general – is the construction and improvement of processes that lead to better positions, increase traffic and profit growth. Use our experience, experience, team and system process to your advantage!

SEO audit:

Helps diagnose problems and give clear recommendations for their elimination. From technical aspects to internal optimization and backlinks.

We use the most complete check list of all the nuances (more than 500), which can lead to a better ranking of the site. Search promotion, which will give the result depends on the expertise, team and strategy, as well as the speed of the introduction of edits. We use an individual approach for each project in order to better understand how to act better and what SEO strategy to apply. From analytics at the start, to internal optimization and working with backlinks.

Promotion and targeting in social networks, applications, instant messengers and online games.

The best tool for communication with the target audience are social networks. These include media platforms for conversation, collaboration, and community building. They provide the ability to regularly communicate with users and build reputation. A very important part of the social component is content. Press releases, blog posts and case studies are most often used for promotion. To communicate with customers, the company must choose a certain manner of communication. To understand what should be the so-called voice of the company, you need to decide on these points:

  • type of target audience;
  • readability of content;
  • the frequency of calls to the user;
  • types of channels used;

All these nuances are very important. After all, potential customers are very appreciated by those organizations that assist in finding the right information or offer a quality product. Against this background, the company has the opportunity to inconspicuously sell their goods.

For any business, the main task is to be visible in your region in order to generate a stream of calls from customers who are near you. We are actively working with Western markets, so we use the most effective strategies for obtaining customers locally. We will successfully declare you and your products in all popular services – Yelp, Google Maps, Bing, YouTube, facebook, instagram and others. Not a small share of the advertising market is occupied by video games and applications for android and mac systems.

We collect data about users and create personalized offers for different segments via Email, Viber, SMS and push notifications.

We carry out CRM & Email Marketing – a complex of services, which includes the collection of data about users and the distribution of personalized offers via trigger, promotional and content distribution, push notifications, Viber and SMS.

Contextual and media advertising

Of course, the Internet is a global platform for promoting its products and services, however, television, radio, GSM communications, outdoor advertising still play a large role in this matter. We also specialize in this area and help your business succeed in this sector.

To find out more about the service, you just need to contact our managers and ask for advice.

They will be happy to answer all questions and help with other nuances.